Light Angel Motion Light Reviews

Hey everyone I am back to continue my Light Angel motion light reviews. I really like using this motion light and I’m glad that I chose the Light Angel motion light system over any other system out there.

However, when I was first looking into the Light Angel LED light system I had a lot of questions about it before ordering it. So, that is another reason that I wanted to write these reviews so that I could help answer any other questions that might be out there about the Light Angel system too.

The first question I wanted to know was how bright was the Light Angel motion system going to shine. I didn’t want to get a motion detection system to put outside and then not have it be bright. To me, the purpose of the motion light system is to be able to see what is outside my house that is setting off the system and I wanted it to be bright enough to ward off any potential intruders.

The Light Angel motion light system has seven LED lights per light. LED lights are much more powerful than incandescent lights so I was impressed to see that there were seven of them that come on each Light Angel light.

The first place that I put up the Light Angel motion light was above my front door. I thought that would be the best place in case any intruders decided to come in the through the front door. The first time that I used the Light Angel motion light I was really surprised about how bright it was. When the Light Angel goes off at first it is a light surprising by how bright it is. The LED lights produce a large white light and it covers a large area as well. I pointed my light outward so that it would shine out onto the yard as well as the porch. When the Light Angel light shine I can see out to the street because of how bright the lights are.

The second place that I put up the Light Angel motion lights that I put up was above my garage. I feel much safer having these two lights outside now. Every time that I or my family pulls into the drive way at night the Light Angel motion light above the garage goes off and the front yard, front door, side of the house, and drive are lighted up. I can easily see all around my house and know that it is safe and check for intruders who may be waiting for us when we pull up.

The next question I had was what the stickiness was like. The Light Angel lights don’t have to be put up with tools, they have an all-weather proof adhesive back that allows them to be placed anywhere.

I like being able to move it to any spot that I want without having to pull out all of my tools or have someone else come move it for me. It nice that they are battery operated because I didn’t have to do any wiring and I can move them to wherever I wanted, even after placing them I could move them.

Overall, I have been really impressed with the Light Angel and I hope that my Light Angel motion light system reviews are able to help answer peoples questions about the Light Angel.

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